Bus driver shortage impacts Fulton County Schools, in need of 200 drivers

School officials in Fulton County say parents should expect delays at the bus stop as a driver shortage is likely to impact students returning to the classroom next month. 

Officials with Fulton County Schools confirmed the district is missing one fourth of the school bus drivers needed for regular operations.

"We have had a driver shortage for some time, but I have never seen it to this depth," said Vickie Cross, Executive Director of Transportation for Fulton County Schools. "What [students] can expect is delays to their bus service, and we will have late buses."

The district is short 200 bus drivers and is in desperate need of filling the positions. Officials say if you have a license and can pass a background check, they will hire you and train you to drive a bus. Fulton County also raised bus driver pay and says it will offer sign-on and retention bonuses as a way to fill the openings. For details, click here.

"It just hurts me that we just don't have enough drivers because our job is to support our schools," Cross said.

Ashlee Johnson has a son enrolled in Fulton County. She says she's worried about what the driver shortage could mean for her son. She's already looking into some backup plans.

"I am actually looking into the aftercare program that is at the school in the gym, so I don't have to be impacted by the bus route if it were to change," she said.

District officials say parents can download an app to track bus routes and arrival times.

Fulton County is set to resume classes for the new academic year on Aug. 8.