Fulton County passes crime bill

Fulton county commissioners passed a $2.5 million crime reduction bill that should keep drivers safe at the gas pumps.

For months, carjackings and slider crimes have plagued the Metro Area, particularly in South Fulton County. Two people have been killed and Singer Queen Latifah's car was stolen. Now the Fulton County Commission fires back with a comprehensive plan that addresses law enforcement, juvenile crime, at risk programming and workforce development.

The law enforcement component will include Lojack for all taskforce cars, mobile Tag Readers and Fingerprint scanners, plus $250,000 for overtime officers. The Juvenile Justice piece includes electronic monitoring for any offender arrested for a crime, even if it is non-violent.  The measure also provides money for probation officers to go house to house to ensure offenders are at home.

Commissioners Emma Darnell and Marvin Arrington Jr. were insistent that the measure include money for preventive programs. The plan sets aside $500,000 for at risk programming which includes opportunities for kids who have a propensity toward crime.

The final component includes a workforce development program that will create jobs and give criminal legal alternatives.

Fulton County Commissioner Lee Morris of District 3 was the only dissenting vote. Chairman Eaves said the measure serves as a framework for the issue. He said the money will come from the county's reserve account in the 2017 General Fund. Commissioners will identify the actual funding source over the next couple of weeks.

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