Fulton County Jail inmate bites off chunk of deputy's ear

An inmate assaulted a Fulton County deputy. The attack turned bizarre as the inmate took a bite, taking off a chunk of one of her ears.

It happened Friday night on the third floor of the jail. It is a section that houses individuals with mental challenges.

Sources tell FOX 5, the incident occurred while dinner was being served on the floor.

The unnamed deputy was handing the prisoner his food and, inexplicably, he lunged at her, and began to beat her.

In addition to the ear bite, she sustained a significant injury to one arm as well.

That deputy is at home recovering.

FOX 5 has asked for information on the suspect. Additional charges against him are likely.

Jail watchers, including Atlanta City Council member Keisha Waites, have advocated for another way to handle prisoners who may be mentally deficient. Waites believes they should be hospitalized for long-term treatment.