Fulton County homeowner upset over ambulance response time

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A Fulton County homeowner called 911 when her husband had a medical emergency, but she was told the closest ambulance was one hour away.

Dr. Marilyn Chapman said Fulton County EMT's suggested she drive her incapacitated husband to the hospital, from their Wyncreek home. She said she thought about it for a quick second, and then jumped in her SUV. She truly believed time was not on her husband's side.

In hindsight though, she is outraged at what they asked her to do.

“They said you are not gonna like this, but the closest ambulance is an hour away,” recalled the retired dentist.

“What if I didn't have the composure to drive, or since I was so emotional, I could have had a wreck or been a senior who lived alone and didn't have a car,” she lamented.

Dr. Chapman said when she arrived at Emory Midtown it wasn't long before her husband, who is also a medical doctor, was in emergency surgery and later ICU.

She believed the EMTs failed her, but the Fulton County Fire Department said they did their job. They referred us to Rural Metro Ambulance service which is responsible for ambulance transport statewide.

A spokesperson for Rural Metro told FOX 5 he is trying to find out what happened.

Dr. Chapman said she wants answers, so this unacceptable response does not happen to another family because it could have deadly consequences.