Fulton County high school coach seen grabbing student in video fights suspension

Tri-Cities High School Athletic Director Kenneth Miller is facing a possible suspension months after locating guns on the East Point campus.

FOX 5 Atlanta obtained video of the Aug. 20 incident that unfolded at the school, in which Coach Miller confronts an unidentified student who was believed to have brought a gun to school.

Miller said the school principal called him to her office that day and told him to investigate reports that some students had guns on campus.


"During that process, we located guns. We saved lives," Miller told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes.

According to a personnel investigation report, conducted by Fulton County School System's Internal Affairs Department, eyewitnesses reported the student was belligerent and aggressive. Their statements were supported by police body cam video.

Things turned physical when the girl smacked Coach Miller's hands, knocking his phone to the floor. That's when Miller said he grabbed the girl, fearing for his own safety.

A loaded gun was found in the girl's bookbag after the incident. The coach said he also located a second gun on campus that day, but it's unclear if the same girl was in possession of the second gun. Miller's supporters called him a hero.

"I'm OK with him standing up for those children, " said Kavon Smith Arnold. "What I'm not okay with is him being railroaded, because at the end of the day teachers are put in very uncompromising positions to take care of our children."

The school district is seeking disciplinary action because Miller admitted grabbing the student.

The internal investigation found Miller's conduct was unprofessional, in violation of both the Fulton County Board of Education Policy and Georgia Professional Standard Commission's Code of Ethics for Georgia Educators.

Miller's attorney said the district first moved to terminate him and then changed course and is now seeking a 20-day suspension.

Miller insists all teachers should have the right to defend themselves.

"Teachers are put in a very precarious situation when they have to defend against guns or defend against students who are going to attack them," Miller said.