Fulton County early voting hours extended

Fulton County election officials have made it easier for voters to cast a ballot during the early voting period.

Hours have been extended, with the doors opening at voting locations at 7 a.m. rather than 9 a.m.  These longer hours will remain in place during the entire early voting period, which comes to an end on June 5.

Officials made the changes after seeing long lines during the first two days of early voting. Voters at the polls Monday told FOX 5 they had to wait up to two hours to cast a ballot. Some even gave up and went home.

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Because of the pandemic, longer lines were predicted. Fulton has fewer early voting locations.  Steps are also being taken to keep everyone safe, like limiting the number of people inside a polling location and cleaning the voting machines after every voter. The long ballot in this year's primary is also making extending the amount of time it takes people to vote.

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Other changes Fulton County is taking to speed up the process include, putting more scanners in all of the voting places, adding voting machines to some locations, and moving others to bigger rooms in their building. The measure is designed to allow the location to handle more voters and still maintain social distancing.

Election officials still urge everyone to take advantage of the mail-in ballot.

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