Fulton County DA, sheriff receive threats over Trump's RICO indictment in Georgia

The Atlanta office of the FBI is now investigating threats against the Fulton County sheriff and district attorney four days after the unprecedented racketeering indictment of the former President Donald Trump and 18 others.

FOX 5 News and several Fulton County officials received the threatening email just after noon Thursday. Its sender claims to have planted bombs in the homes of several Fulton County officials. In Sheriff Patrick Labat's case, the threat was specific to some of his family members.

FOX 5 News has the email, but is choosing not to share the violent details.

The FBI responded quickly and decisively, releasing a statement that reads:

"FBI Atlanta is aware of threats of violence against Fulton County officials and is working with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. It is our policy not to discuss details of ongoing investigations. However, each and every potential threat brought to our attention is taken seriously. Individuals found responsible for making threats in violation of state and/or federal laws will be prosecuted."

Both Labat and Willis have security details assigned to them that are monitoring these new developments and doing everything in their power to keep these officials and their families safe.

Willis has talked openly about the vile and racist threats she has received since she started this case more than 2 years ago. 

Since Monday's indictments, the threats seems to have intensified.