Fulton County community weighs annexation by Atlanta

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The future of a south Fulton County community is up in the air. The Cottages at Cascade community is discussing the possibility of annexation or even becoming a city. But a meeting to talk about the issue Friday was canceled, angering some residents.

Residents said they are friendly enough with each other, but have differences of opinions on what is the better future for the area. They were scheduled to meet with city officials from Atlanta to discuss possible annexation.

“The taxes would be higher, the police and fire would be different because we currently have our own police and our own fire,” said resident Vangie Watkins.

“Being a part of an established city means we don't have to re-invent the wheel,” said resident Wilma Jenkins.

Jenkins said she invited Mayor Kasim Reed to the community a couple years ago to discuss annexation into Atlanta. She said lawmakers have also approved the possibility of a new city, but she would rather join Atlanta than start a new one, especially after other cities like Johns Creek, Milton and Chattahoochee Hills are already in place.

“We may not be as fortunate as those who have done it before and are successful. We would truly have to be finding the revenue,” said Jenkins

“I’m not really sure yet, I’m just going to wait to hear all the pros and cons,” resident Marie Wilson said in response to if she approves of annexation.

Wilson said she hoped the meeting would have taken place so she could have learned more about annexation. The residents were to be presented with petitions which are already circulating seeking signatures for annexation.

Residents hope that both sides can come together to figure out the best approach for their community’s future.

Residents said the city is seeking signatures from 60 percent or more of home owners in the affected area to reach annexation by the end of June. FOX 5 News reached out to the City of Atlanta but did not get a return call or email. Residents said the meeting in the club house was cancelled apparently because of water in the building.