Fulton County commissioners to vote on challenging Georgia's election reform law

Fulton County commissioners appear to be one step closer to filing suit against the state of Georgia over its new voting law.

Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman believes she has the votes need to get her voter suppression resolution passed this Wednesday.

The measure affirms the county's support of federal bills HR 1 and HR 4, directs the county attorney to fight the new state bill legally, directs the county manager and elections supervisor to expand voter access, and directs the diversity and civil rights compliance officer to also protect voter rights.

"It directs the county attorney to provide legal methods in court or out of court, to fight SB 202," Commissioner Abdur-Rahman explains.

The commissioners believe Gov. Brian Kemp and the Republican legislature specifically targeted the state's largest county by reducing the number of 24-hour drop boxes, among other things.

"We had 38, it is now eight. They added drop boxes in rural counties but you decreased the boxes in the metropolitan area. Stevie Wonder can see that," the Atlanta Democrat exclaimed.

Even worse, Abdur-Rahman said the so-call voting reform bill bans the use of two mobile voter RVs, recently purchased for $800,000.

"Fulton County has two mobile units that 11,000 people used to vote. Were these the 11,000 votes [President Donald] Trump was looking for?" the commissioner asked.

The commissioner and vice-chair Natalie Hall criticized the voting bill's creation of a Republican-led elections board that can take over a county's voting process at will.

She also said the state provided no money to execute the election overhaul.

"SB 202 is telling all 159 counties this is what you have to do, but you have to do it with your budget, which will be a burden on the taxpayer," Abdur Rahman remarked.

The official vote will take place at Wednesday's commission meeting.

Chairman Rob Pitts and Commissioner Marvin Arrington are expected to support the measure.

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