Friday is the last day to 'cure' rejected ballot in Georgia

As the country waits anxiously for the results of the election, some voters are noticing some confusing things about the status of their ballots.

Shimike Dodson contacted FOX 5 after noticing her mother's ballot had run into an issue. She said her ballot and her father's were accepted, but her mother's initially didn't have a status when she checked online.

Then, just a few days before Election Day, she noticed a change.

"It showed that the status was challenged, and it said the reason was missing a signature," Dodson said.

Dodson said she emailed the Clayton County Board of Elections on behalf of her mother to figure out how to fix the problem.

She didn't get an email back, but her mother got a knock on the door Wednesday evening.

"Someone from the election staff showed up at my parents' house explaining to them that there was an issue with the ballot. And in order to rectify the situation, she was supposed to scan in her driver's license and submit it online," Dodson said.

Dodson said her mother was discouraged, under the assumption that it was too late to fix the situation and have her vote counted.

But according to the Georgia Secretary of State's Office, there is still time.

"If you have an absentee ballot with an issue like missing a signature or something, you have until Friday to cure those,'' said Gabriel Sterling, the Voting System Implementation Manager at Georgia Secretary of State.

Voters have also raised concerns about their ballot being labeled absentee when they voted in person.

The Secretary of State's Office said there's no cause for concern.

"Early voting in person is what they call absentee in person," Sterling said.