French bulldog has several fractures after being thrown, stalked, thrown again in Utica

The Utica Police Department said a man was arrested last week after Ring camera captured him throwing an 11-month-old French bulldog multiple times and breaking several of the dog's bones.

Police arrested Terrell Tomer after the March 11 incident was captured on video. In the video released by police, a man walks into the shot from the left side and throws the dog into the grass in front of the video. The man then stalks the dog off-camera to the right.

At that point, the man returns with the dog, and police said he then 'shot put' the puppy out of the frame in the other direction. Utica Police said the dog was thrown at least 15 to 20 feet. 

"The abuses from somebody on a small animal like that could have traumatic effects," said Utica Police Chief Sean Coady.

The video was first sent to Utica Police from Macomb County Animal Control and, as detectives investigated, they identified Tomer as the man in the video.

Police said Tomer lived in the same building where the Ring video captured the abuse and admitted to police that he owned the dog. When officers arrived, he allowed police inside to look at the dog and discovered the 11-month-old puppy had been severely abused. 

Detectives said the dog had multiple jaw fractures, rib fractures, spinal fractures, a pelvic fracture, and a broken leg.

Coady said Tomer said it was some sort of training-related discipline but did not elaborate. He also said it was obvious in the video that the puppy was trying to seek shelter from the man. 

Tomer has been arrested and charged with abuse of an animal - a 10-year felony in Michigan.

The dog has been taken in by someone else but police did not elaborate who that was.