'Freedom Bell' stolen from Korean War veteran's home

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There is something missing from Bobby Dearman's front yard and from his heart too. The 83-year-old Korean War era vet points to a hole in the ground. That's where his patriotic display used to stand.

It was a big bell on a wooden pole with a large American flag. Someone stole it.

He's known in Newnan as Mr. Bobby. The thieves did not get his flag because fortunately it was rainy that day and the U.S. Air Force veteran brought it in.

His love for the flag and his service to the country are what makes it so heartbreaking for his Mr. Bobby's friends.

Mr. Bobby's wife passed away three years ago. An avid painter, his friends said they proudly display his artwork in their homes. And they are sad he has not picked up a brush since his wife's death.

Friends have been looking for Mr. Bobby's bell at flea markets and yard sales, but with no success.

He told me his biggest heartbreak is he hasn't found a place to fly his flag.