Free School Safety summit next week to give tools to troubled youth

Next week, a Gwinnett County Licensed Professional Counselor will host a free school safety summit to provide students and families tools to prevent school violence and bullying. It'll address violence, bullying and mentorship and any parent or student can sign up.

"I talked to a police officer seven days ago. I said can you get my son off the streets," Deerica Charles said through tears at an Atlanta City Council meeting. 
Her 12-year-old son fell prey to suspected gang violence near the 17th street bridge in Midtown Atlanta. Days later, a second child, this one 15, died from the same shooting spree. This grieving mother's admission has people across metro Atlanta desperate for ways to help young people.

"Our young people are exposed to it so much that they're almost even immune to it," LPC Monica Douglas Davis said.

There are three opportunities to attend an hour-long school safety Zoom summit next week.

"[It'll include] where you should go, when you should seek outside report outside your home," Douglas Davis said.

The summit is Dec. 5, 6 and 7 at 8 p.m. Parents and students can attend any one of those days  all for free and all to do something--  not just say something.

To register, click here.