Former FOX 5 meteorologist attacked by teens on New York subway

A former FOX 5 meteorologist is recovering after he says he was attacked over the weekend by a group of teenagers over the weekend on the New York subway.

Adam Klotz, who used to work for FOX 5 and now works for FOX News, posted multiple Instagram stories showing he had black eyes and cuts to his face.

According to police who spoke to the New York Post, Klotz was heading home on the subway when he encountered a group of seven to eight teenagers who were smoking marijuana on the train and using a lighter to try and set and older man's hair on fire.

When Klotz intervened, officers say the teens turned on him, repeatedly punching and stomping on him while he was down.

Klotz says no one else on the train tried to help him.

"No one else spoke up. A lot of people just watch me get beat down. They were quick to help me. As soon as the beat down was over, but no one wanted to step in and stop me from getting stomped on," he said. "You know, I guess I get it. You know, no one wants to go through that because they just watch me try it and it didn't work out."

In the end, Klotz was left with injuries to his face and bruised ribs.

Thankfully, Klotz said the older man was able to get away and all of his injuries are expected to heal quickly.

He says the attack won't prevent him from continuing to stand up for others in the future. 

Officers caught three suspects, identified as two 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old, and eventually released them to their parents.