FOX 5's Beth Galvin completes successful kidney donation

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FOX Medical Team journalist Beth Galvin has taken a step away from the camera to offer an incredible gift to someone she has never met. Beth elected to undergo kidney surgery and donate through the Paired Kidney Donor program.

She completed a successful donation on Tuesday at Emory University Hospital and returned home on Thursday.

"I will be the beginning of a kidney transplant chain that will stretch across the country. I do not know who will receive my kidney, except that it is someone in LA who needs it" Galvin told her Facebook friends.

"Post transplant and I feel great" Beth indicated Wednesday morning. "Much better than I thought I would. Someone stuck (a) note under my hospital room door last night. It one of many kind gestures I've received from strangers. I feel overwhelmed and grateful. I was the beginning of a kidney transplant chain that will crisscross the US, helping 5 to 6 patients. I felt led to do this, knowing about 100,000 people are waiting for kidney. But I never expected the support and love and kindness I've experienced in the last few days. Thank you!"

Beth noted Wednesday: I just learned my kidney was given to a California father of two young children who'd been on dialysis for two years. He said this surgery "gave me my life back." My heart is full.

Beth, ever the journalist, shared her brave donation with her FOX 5 Facebook page. Many of you have sent along prayers and well-wishes, and we wanted to provide this update. The FOX Medical Team has covered countless stories of incredible people changing lives with organ donation. Beth says she was led to do this, through one of those stories:

On Thursday, Beth shared an update on her Facebook page letting her followers know she was home and doing well: 

"It's been an emotional, beautiful journey. I've heard that the recipient of my kidney, a California father of two young children, is doing really well. After two years of dialysis, he can get back to living his life. That makes everything I did absolutely worth it. Please keep him in your thoughts as he heals from his surgery. I hope my kidney works like gangbusters for him."

Beth will continue to pass along updates of her journey online. It's the type of news we can't wait to report.

Way to go Galvin!