FOX 5 Viewer Helps Crack Robbery Case

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DeKalb Police credit a FOX 5 viewer for helping police track a robbery suspect after watching our story on a robbery case.

"As a result of your story, one of the viewers realized they had information that may be useful to detectives in this case," said Major Steven Fore.

On Oct. 7, FOX 5 aired a story about the case of Ivan Walker, who was robbed then shot in the hand outside his home on 2nd Avenue in DeKalb County. Walker came forward to warn neighbors of these "clean-cut criminals," who he worries wore stylish clothes as a disguise to throw off their victims.

"I really didn't put any expectations of solving this crime," Walker said.

Major Fore said a viewer called police to identify the suspect as 21-year-old Devonte Farmer. 

Farmer is also being investigated for other robberies in the Metro. Officers tried to nab the suspect this week, but learned he had fled from his home.

"[This] really sped up this case for our detectives. It gave them that piece of the puzzle that was missing," Fore said.

"This was way more than I was ever hoping," Walker said. "I would like to say thank you," he said, as a message to that FOX 5 viewer.

Police are still searching for Farmer and hope the public can lead them to his whereabouts.