FOX 5 Analyst: Clinton email issue not over

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Tuesday's FBI announcement that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges over her private email server is not the end of the conversation.

While the news may appear to favor Clinton, FOX 5 Political Analyst Matt Towery said it also helps her opponent, Donald Trump.

"Initially, the impact is going to be positive for Secretary Clinton.  Any time you're not indicted, you're having a good day," explained Towery.  "In the long run though, the winner might be both candidates.  Donald Trump needs a foil to run against and Hillary Clinton, based on the polling and everything I've looked at in the past, supplies the best potential candidate for him to run against and do well."

Julianne Thompson, a Georgia conservative leader, said just because Clinton's actions were not determined to be criminal, does not mean they were not wrong.

"I think it's definitely going to be an issue from now to November and I think it should be," said Thompson.

FBI Director James Comey suggested in his remarks that Clinton could still face consequences, including administrative or security sanctions.

"I certainly think that we have to be consistent and if we are to accept the fact that the FBI said that they found no criminal intent or wrongdoing, but they did find negligence, which should result in sanctions when it comes to security clearance, that should preclude her from holding the office of President of the United States because you have to have top security clearance to be President," Thompson said.

State Senator Nan Orrock, D-Atlanta, will serve as a delegate for Clinton at the Democratic Convention later this month.  She said the FBI's announcement should put the issue to rest.

"I'm sure that the nay-sayers will be nay-saying all the way to election day," said Orrock, though she does not believe that will impact voters' choice on November 8.

Towery said the public can expect to see Donald Trump use this information to fire back at Clinton every time she or anyone else claims he is unfit to serve.

"Clearly Secretary Clinton is in a better position than she would be otherwise, but the Republicans, of course, will make an issue of this and you can certainly hear Donald Trump every time Secretary Clinton says Trump is not suitable to be President, he's going to shoot right back and say, 'What about those emails?  What about that 'careless handling of top secret information?'  You can hear it right now," Towery explained.

He believes it will also help Trump in another way.  Towery said Trump polls better against Clinton than he does against Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.  Both men would have been likely fill-ins had Clinton been forced to drop out of the race. 

"I think Hillary Clinton needs Donald Trump and I think Donald Trump needs Hillary Clinton," said Towery.  "And it means in the end, we're going to have a very close election in November."