Four arrested in Coweta County appliance theft ring

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Deputies say they’ve arrested two burglars who were caught in the act of stealing appliances from a home. Investigators say the pair is apart of an appliance theft ring responsible for similar crimes in the area.

 Anthony Simon and Antwan Octavious Jonson would reportedly rip off dishwashers and refrigerators and would leave the water running, ruining the homes and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

A deputy reported the men were in the process of removing appliances from a home on Tope Road and loading it in a U-Haul truck.

FOX 5 News obtained the arrest report, which said a washer, dryer and gas stove were all found in the back of the truck. These items had been stolen during a previous burglary, the report said. 

Deputies also found a list of addresses on the truck’s dashboard, which included the address of the residence that had been burglarized earlier. Deputies found water pouring from that home's front door from a broken appliance water line. 

The report said the homes were either under construction or had a for sale sign in the yard.

After further investigation, deputies arrested two more suspects:  Marcus D'Angelo Nix and Misty Shakina Fife.  Investigators say it was Fife who had rented the U-Haul.

All four suspects are charged with burglary.  Investigators say they will face addition charges for the extensive water damage done to the homes.

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