Forsyth County woman helps decorate White House for Christmas

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When Meredith Davidenko applied to help decorate the White House as a volunteer, she thought it was a long shot.

"Who would've thought that I was getting picked to go and do it," said Davidenko.  "I know I did not."

The Forsyth County mother of two loves everything about the Christmas season, from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ to filling her yard with 30 inflatables to make her neighbors smile.

Last week, she traveled to Washington D.C. to help string lights and organize ornaments at the White House with dozens of volunteers from all over the country.

"I actually got so teary-eyed when I walked in not only because of where I was but because of the history of the building," Davidenko recalled. 

She said they were divided into groups with holiday-themed names, like "Team Sprinkle" and "Team Twinkle" and worked as teams to tackle the 55 trees that line the hallways of the White House. 

Davidenko is a big supporter of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and was thrilled to watch them board Marine One as they left to celebrate Thanksgiving.  She said it was an honor to be on the grounds.

"It doesn't matter your political affiliation.  It doesn't matter male or female.  It doesn't matter your religion, it's the house for the people," she said.

While some have criticized this year's decor, especially the red Christmas trees, Davidenko said she is proud of how it all turned out.

"In person, they are absolutely gorgeous and I know the volunteers put so much into that," she explained.

Davidenko said the support and excitement of her friends and family have made the experience even more wonderful.

"I will treasure it for the rest of my life," she said.