Forsyth County deputies help deer stuck in fence

A deer in Forsyth County is lucky to be alive and roaming free again thanks to two deputies.

Sgt. B. Moore and DFC C. Welch were called out to the Villages at Shakerag subdivision on Sunday. They arrived to find the leg of a buck stuck near the top of a 4-foot picket fence, appearing to have tried to jump it.

A video titled “Bucky the Buck got stuck” posted on the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office can be a little hard to watch because of the precarious situation the deer got itself into. The leg of the deer became entangled in a metal fence with the deer facing down towards the ground.

The deputies had to cut through the aluminum alloyed-fence to get the deer’s leg free.

It took a few minutes, but the buck was eventually was able to hop off without looking back.

The deputies were not able to catch up to the deer to see if it was badly injured, but that is likely a good sign.

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