Forsyth County, Alpharetta firefighters targeted by crooks

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While firefighters were hard at work keeping the community safe, thieves were hard at work too, smashing the windows of firefighters' cars. Police said the thieves took whatever they could find including guns.

The crooks hit several fire stations just last night. This is the second time that some of these fire stations have been hit and if Forsyth County has anything to say about it, it will be the last.

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The sheriff’s office and fire department are fed up and soon every fire station in the county will have mounted security cameras.

After working a 24-hour shift, firefighters walked out to find their car windows smashed in, glass in the their backseats, and their personal belongings gone.

“They’re cowards, they’re gutless, they’re preying on public safety officers that are serving the public,” said Forsyth Fire Department Division Chief Jason Shivers. “We will catch you, may be a matter of time, but we're going to find those responsible for this.”

“It makes us mad, and believe you me we will use every resource in our power,” said Deputy Doug Rainwater, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Rainwater said the thieves are looking for guns. He said they started noticing the trend across metro Atlanta a few months ago and started working up a plan.

“We are currently installing covert video cameras in all the fire stations in Forsyth County,” the deputy said.

If the camera senses a movement, an alert will be sent out.

“We’re going to work closely with law enforcement get them caught, and bring them to justice,” said Chief Shivers.

Crooks also targeted two fire stations in Alpharetta overnight. Police said several firefighters had their cars broken into as well. Alpharetta’s director of public safety calls the incident disheartening, saying they are looking into ways to keep this from happening in the future.

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