Former President Carter Discusses Health, Future of Carter Center

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Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter discussed current status and future of The Carter Center on Tuesday evening.

"A Conversation with the Carters" is an annual event which allowed the former first couple to give a personalized update of the work done by the Carter Center. However, this year a lot of attention was paid due to the former president's battle with cancer.

Carter, 90, said that he waiting to see both the side effects and any positive results after undergoing a second round of treatment with radiation therapy and a new, groundbreaking medication. Carter said he was feeling well.

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter was visibly moved as she described the support and outpour of love for her husband as well as the Carter Center has received.

The former president was diagnosed this year with cancer. Carter said at a press even in August that the cancer had spread to his brain and the "it's in the hands of God."

Carter and his wife spend most of the time sharing updates about The Carter Center's mission to eradicate diseases in developing countries and their on-going mission of peace. Carter took aim at ISIS, the Iranian nuclear threat, and the mass Syrian migration in Europe during the conversation.

Carter was also candid about race still being a major issue in the United State.

The former first couple also had a Q&A session following their remarks. The couple shared their favorite game growing up in Plains, Georgia was basketball because it didn't conflict with the former presidents' obligation to her father's farm. Carter also said his greatest accomplishment outside of being president was to marry his wife, Rosalynn.

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