Former Clayton County jail inmate makes assault claim

A jail video backs up a former inmate's claim that a deputy picked him up and threw him into a court elevator.

Marlon Brown has now filed a lawsuit stemming from the 2017 encounter that was deemed an assault by the Clayton County District Attorney.

Brown acknowledges he was told by another deputy that he had to get ready to leave the courthouse. He had been there for several hours hoping to see a judge.

"I was frustrated and sat there for a minute," Brown said.

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However, he said he did get up from a chair and began to walk toward the elevator.

The video depicts the aggressive action by a male deputy.

"I was sent flying into the elevator," Brown said. "I could not brace myself when I hit the wall because there were shackles on my wrist."

Brown suffered facial lacerations and chipped teeth.

After the jail video surfaced, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation looked at the encounter.

A report was turned over to the district attorney. Charges were brought against the deputy but a grand jury did not return an indictment.

Brown's attorney, Harry Daniels, said, "The video speaks for itself. My client was assaulted and Clayton County has to answer for that.

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