Former Atlanta Mayor named in federal subpoena

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A major development in the ongoing FBI and IRS investigation at Atlanta City Hall.

Federal prosecutors have now turned their attention to former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

Our FOX 5 I-Team has obtained a copy of a federal grand jury subpoena asking for former Mayor Reed's city credit card bills, including documentation relating to his government travel. 

We obtained the subpoenas under the Georgia Open Records Act from the city of Atlanta. One subpoena asking for purchase card records from the former Mayor, his brother, and others. And, a second subpoena concentrating on Mayor Reed’s deputy chief of staff, Katrina Taylor Parks.

Since early 2017 when news of the FBI investigation broke, Mayor Kasim Reed has defended his and the city’s response to the bribery investigation that touched on employees and contractors.

Now, it’s hitting home.  

These are some of the purchase card records prosecutors want to see. Think of them as a city-issued credit card. Mayor Reed used them for travel, meals, and transportation. A federal grand jury subpoena wants all of Mayor Reed’s travel purchase card statements, including documentation relating to his travel.

William Perry is director of government watchdog group, Georgia Ethics Watchdogs. 
"I thought it would be very difficult to get to Kasim, but apparently it's starting to happen," said Perry.

The grand jury also wants records of any reimbursements made by the Mayor since April 2017.  In March of 2018, Reed reimbursed the city for meals and flights costing thousands of dollars after another news outlet asked to review his credit card statements.

"He started to review things and needed to cover his tracks," says Perry.

The grand jury also subpoenaed city credit cards belonging to  Mayor Reed's brother Tracy. He once worked for the city but resigned in 2011. The grand jury subpoenaed purchase card records for Mitzi Bickers, indicted earlier on allegations of bribery, and Mayor Reed's deputy chief of staff Katrina Taylor-Parks. 

"That's where these documents, where these numbers and account records come into play.They will prove whether or not there is corruption," said Perry.

For the last 2 1/2 years, FBI and IRS agents have slowly been investigating allegations of corruption at Atlanta city hall. 

A federal grand jury indicted Mitzi Bickers, former campaign operative of Mayor Kasim Reed and one of his hand-picked department heads at the city.

She pled not guilty to accepting more than $2 million in bribes. Her lawyer, Kevin Ross says she will fight the charges.

 Two city contractors - were sentenced for paying millions in bribes - allegedly to Ms. Bickers And, the city's former chief procurement officer - sentenced to prison for accepting bribes from another vendor.  

Along with the purchase card subpoena, the grand jury asked for documents relating specifically to Reed's deputy chief of staff Katrina Taylor-Parks, including her travel records, and her communications regarding possible contracts with two companies.

 We could not reach any of the people named in the subpoenas for comment. The documents were scheduled to be turned over to the federal grand jury by May 8.