Former Atlanta football coach fighting back against accusations

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The Atlanta Public Schools coach accused of misappropriating funds belonging to the football team is fighting back.

An attorney for 19-year veteran Coach Corey Jarvis claimed he was the victim of infighting within the district.

A disciplinary hearing recommended Jarvis be fired and the school board agreed, by a 5-4 vote.

“Under normal circumstances, we do not believe a person similarly situated would have been terminated. And we believe there are members of the board of education that believe similarly,” said Antavius Weems, attorney for Corey Jarvis.

Jarvis said a treasurer with the team's booster club would have handled the team's finances, but since that group dissolved, he was forced to do it by himself.

APS said they found some $10,000 belonging to the football team unaccounted. Jarvis had been with Mays High School since the 2013 football season. He was replaced prior to this school year.