Forest Park Mayor strip club controversy

There is more controversy involving the Forest Park Mayor.  Earlier this year, our FOX 5 I-Team told you about Mayor David Lockhart's cussing out police during a faceoff on his front porch.

Now, Mayor Lockhart's actions at a local strip club have caught the attention of patrons and political adversaries.

“Wasn't doing anything illegal. Haven't heard complaints about anything illegal. Folks are there to be entertained; I'm an entertainer of sorts. Have been a good long while,” said Lockhart.

Back in May, Forest Park Police responded to a midnight 911 call about vandalism and came face to face with Mayor Lockhart on his front porch.

It was recorded by police.

“You want to get the f--- out of my house. Get off my property. Right now. Right now,” said Lockhart.

During the next 30 minutes, Mayor Lockhart refused to come out of his home to answer police questions, slammed the front door in officers face, and cussed out officers and his family.

On the phone, Mayor Lockhart blamed the entire incident on a new prescription drug he was taking. He says he failed to read the label that said not to mix it with alcohol.

Forest Park Police Major Chris Matson said the investigation showed the Mayor's behavior was unusual.“His wife said he wasn’t' acting right, said Matson. “Who would know better than her?”

There were no charges.

Two months after Mayor Lockhart face off with police; his public behavior became an issue again. While partying at Rumors strip club on a Friday night, several customers recognized him and called a local Forest Park councilwoman.

“They said he was a mess, dancing on stage, twirling his shirt around, walking around, and falling over on people. People holding him up,” said Latresa Wells.

We caught up with Mayor Lockhart at the ribbon cutting for a new restaurant in the city.  He explained before he was Mayor, he was a lead singer in a band and he likes to entertain people.

Then, we showed him a picture sent to us of him, apparently wearing a bra in the middle of the barroom.

“That's just outrageous, isn't it? It looks outrageous to me,” admitted Lockhart. “Not sure if that's a tank or what. In any case, would I advertise that? No, absolutely not. I wouldn't advertise that, but it’s ok to act silly from time to time, in the right circumstances.”

A source at Rumors says a long time customer was celebrating their 75th birthday that night.

Lockhart didn't deny drinking, but said he no longer takes that prescription medicine that got him in trouble back in May. Someone else drove him home. His car was still in the parking lot the next day. 

“I'm very, very careful, I'd never drive under the influence,” said Lockhart.

City Councilwoman Sandra Bagley defends her Mayor and believes all the attention is due to the fact that David Lockhart is up for reelection.

“I don't think it’s fair. I think its trial in media.  Exactly what I feel, trial in media during an election year,” said Bagley.

But councilwoman Wells, an admitted political adversary sees it differently.

“You represent everyone who voted for you to be Mayor of our city. It's not only embarrassing to your family and council members; it’s embarrassing to the entire city.”