Ford unveils battery-powered Ford F-150 Lightning in electric debut

The battery-powered electric Ford F-150 Lighting was years in the making and did not disappoint Wednesday night.

Welcome to the future - the unveiling of the smart and powerful Ford F-150 Lightning at the historic Rouge plant in Dearborn expected to help accelerate the move to electric vehicles.  

Bill Ford Jr. is calling it a generational celebration of the country's best-selling truck the past 44 years. 

"That is what today is all about, reinvention and improvement, forward and upward," Ford said. "Technology not for it's own sake, but to make people's lives better."


Bill Ford Jr.

"On behalf of the workers who built this electric vehicle, and our partners here this evening, we launch a new chapter of UAW forward sustainability and good jobs," said Gerald Kariem, VP, UAW Ford Department.  

Starting at around $40,000 - the sleek vehicle offers a 300-mile drive with an overnight charge, effortless torque, super intelligence with the latest in software, navigation, and wireless technology.


"If you lose power at home like the ice storms in Texas, the F-150 will power your house for day upon day," said Ford President and CEO Jim Farley. "It is all seamless and controlled through your phone on FordPass App."

F-150 Lightning

On Tuesday during his visit. President Joe Biden took an impromptu ride in the electrified truck - commenting on its quick speed and sleek ride. The popular vehicle also bolsters his plan to phase out gas-powered vehicles and move to clean energy.  

"It is a truck that will usher in a cleaner future for our country, and it will fulfill a promise to our children and grandchildren that our generation is committed to leaving them a cleaner planet," Ford said.