Floyd County Boy Needs Legs

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At 9 years old, Jaxon Lewis is full of energy. He never feels sorry for himself and is fiercely independent.

"I saw you get into that chair. Was that easy or hard? Easy. Why ? Because you didn't notice it." said Jaxon

Jaxon isn't just Inspiring others. He's teaching them, too.

"He's taught us how to enjoy life, live life," says Shari Duncan, Jaxon's grandmother.

Jaxon has something called proximal femoral focal deficiency. It is a birth defect that left him with missing limbs. For all he can do without legs. He needs prosthetic ones. You should know, he was all set to get new legs back in March, but his family says his insurance was canceled.

So, his classmates at Garden Lake Elementary and the rest of Floyd County are coming to his aid. In fact, there have been a series of fundraisers in hopes of raising roughly $68,000 to pay for the legs. And they're almost a third of the way there

Jaxson says the legs will turn him into a cyborg and he can't wait.

The next fundraiser will be Saturday, October 3 at Phibbs Bar & Grill from noon to midnight. You can help or just keep up with Jaxon by going to the campaign’s Facebook page at "Trax for Jax".