Florida man arrested for Snellville Walmart shooting

A Florida man accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend in a Walmart parking lot in Snellville Saturday is in custody.

Darrell Costallo Hale, of Gainesville, Florida, turned himself in to police late Monday afternoon. Snellville Police Captain Carey Roberts said Hale drove from Florida to Snellville to shoot ex-girlfriend Beverly Kinkead.

“We know that he came from Gainesville, Florida just to shoot her he had a specific target in mind he was determined enough to make his way to Snellville, Georgia to commit that crime,” said Roberts.

Kinkead spoke with Hale by phone just a few hours before the shooting.

“He told me how much he wanted to be with me and I told him it was over he just couldn't accept it was over,” Kinkead said.

Kinkead pulled into the parking lot just before 10 a.m. Saturday to begin her shift at the store's hair salon. Kinkead said Hale ambushed her as she got out of her car.

“He went into his satchel and pulled a gun out a silver gun and he just aimed it and I backed up. I started backing up real fast and as I was backing up he started shooting at me,” said Kinkead.

Hale only managed to shoot her once before the gun jammed. The bullet pierced Kinkead's left arm and chest. Miraculously, she wasn't seriously injured and was able to escape her assailant.

“The look in his eyes was I'm going to kill you and I ran as fast as I could and by the grace of God there was a man who was standing outside of Walmart who kind of ushered me and helped me get into the salon so I could be safe,” said Kinkead.