Florida boy's mock CPR drill goes viral: 'How cute is this!'

The saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” rings very true for this 3-year-old Florida boy, who apparently wants to be just like his first responder father.

A Facebook video showing Asher Shell's dedication to helping people has gone viral, with more than 1 million views as of Thursday. The adorable footage shows a staged emergency scene. Asher, from Wellington, soon arrives in a Power Wheels fire truck before jumping out and using a garden hose to put out a small, controlled fire. He then rushes over to a child-sized dummy trapped under a ladder. He drags the dummy away from the scene before starting CPR.

“We’re just a family of first responders and we’re trying to teach the little ones young,” Christopher Shell, Asher’s father and a Boynton Beach Fire Department firefighter and paramedic, told WPTV. 

The idea for the mock CPR drill came after Asher, along with his older brother, visited their father at work and witnessed an emergency call coming in. Shell was forced to leave Asher, who was devastated that he couldn’t join his father.

“[He] got so upset that he couldn’t come with me on the call to help save people. All he was crying was, ‘I want to go save people,'” Shell recalled.

Two days later, the idea for the mock CPR drill was born.

“If I can teach a 3-year-old how to do CPR, anybody can learn how to do CPR,”  Shell told the news station. “It’s not hard and we should all learn how to do it [so] one day you can help save a life.”

The video, which had 24,000 shares as of Thursday afternoon, also earned thousands of comments from people across the nation.

“How cute is this!” wrote one.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen today,” commented another.

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