Florida baby, rescued calf delight social media with Chick-fil-A photoshoot

A one-year-old and a baby cow are getting a lot of attention for their adorable, Chick-fil-A-themed photoshoot.

Braelyn Robert's parents, Tyler and Tyler Roberts say they thought it would be fun to mark Braelyn's first year with some photos showing off their love for those delicious chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. They lovingly titled their photoshoot 'Thick-fil-A."

And when it comes to being cute, Braelyn has had a whole year of perfecting the craft. Her Facebook page, Brae & Bougie is all about mother Tyler's bond with her baby girl and their matching flair for style.

The Roberts family lives in Alturas, Florida and took the photos with their new bovine friend in Mulberry. Photographer Tori Walker and her friend, Marissa Denison brought the whole concept together.


Brae & Bougie (Tori Walker Photography)

Denison rescues bottle-fed calves and offers photoshoots with them.

"I saw the perfect opportunity for the “Thick Fil A” photoshoot when I saw this one was a black and white calf so I immediately signed up and started planning her outfit," Tyler Roberts told FOX 13 News.

Walker said she is always looking for an opportunity to set her photos apart while helping causes in the community, so the partnership with Denison felt natural. Then, when the Roberts brought her their idea for the black and white calf, the nuggets all fell into place.

"Of course I said yes, and the pictures turned out absolutely adorable!" Walker said. "The calf was so sweet and gentle, and Braelyn was extremely photogenic which made for a perfect session! The amount of exposure this session has received on social media is humbling. It’s heartwarming to see how much joy these pictures have brought to people all over the U.S during these unprecedented times.“