First COVID-19 case inside Atlanta 911; some workers afraid to report for shift

The first case of the novel coronavirus inside Atlanta 911 has been reported. Some workers are afraid to report for their shifts.

An employee who had not been feeling well came on in to work last Saturday. That worker reported to a supervisor and she was told to go home and get tested. 

On the following shift in the evening, the workers reported but did not know the situation. 

One heard a supervisor discussing the illness and a source says "word spread like wildfire".

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Gina Pagnotta Murphy, a union leader, said there should have been an immediate coordinated notification to those employees. 

"The workers are scared," said Murphy, "that is what they are telling that if they get it, they are going to die".

A public safety spokesperson said an industrial sanitation team has cleaned the center. Also, the workers have been tested. 

At the same time, the union leaders question the decision to put those workers immediately back to work instead of sending them home for a 14-day quarantine. 

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The police department said that was the practice in the past, but after consulting with medical officials the long quarantine is no longer necessary. 

Those 911 employees who are staying out will be given time to adjust.

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