Firefighters warn car owners about hot car dangers

(Courtesy: DeKalb County Fire Rescue)

There is no doubt it is hot out there, after all, it is summer in Georgia. But officials are sending a warning to parents and pet owners reminding them of just that.

The DeKalb County Fire Rescue posted on their Facebook page Saturday after they wrote firefighters responded to two puppies locked in a hot car.

“…calls like these too often lack happy endings, and yes the puppies are fine,” they wrote.

The post included a photo of the puppies and a graphic which reads "Look before you lock! Never leave a child alone in a car--not even for a minute! Always look before you lock. Make it a habit to check the backseat every time you leave your car."

Firefighters warn that it takes just a few minutes for temperatures inside a car to reach life-threatening levels.

“Please look before you lock, and never leave people nor pets inside a hot car,” they wrote.