Firefighters dealing with sewage tainted water flowing into Buckhead fire station

Atlanta firefighters working out of a Buckhead firehouse say they have to smell and try to avoid sewage tainted water coming from a drain that's inside the fire station.

In the early spring, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens took a look at an old Fire Station 26 to highlight his request to citizens that they fund new buildings, including a new station for Buckhead. 

The mayor was also alerted to an ongoing problem -- sewage tainted water coming right up from the drain inside the firehouse.

FOX 5 has learned the unsanitary issue existed well before Dickens was elected.

Michael Bond sits on the council public safety panel which monitors all public safety aspects. He says the unsanitary situation should not be allowed to continue.

FOX 5 has asked if any repairs had been done since the mayor was told about the sewage. We are still seeking some response.