Firebombing that killed couple leaves family homeless

Two people killed and one still hospitalized after a house is torched in Detroit as two suspects are awaiting charges

Hearts were heavy as friends and family mourn the lives of Jana John and her boyfriend James Jordan while praying for John's brother Jalen, who was seriously injured.

"This is all senseless, It could've been handled a different way, it didn't have to be like this," said Kim Smith. "I'm going crazy and I'm trying to keep my composure and it hurts me so bad and I can't take it."

Kim Smith's house is destroyed, her daughter and daughter's boyfriend killed, while her son fights for his life in the hospital.

At 6 p.m. A vigil began for the victims of the housefire, watch below:

Her house at Manning and Hoyt was firebombed early Tuesday morning after a fight broke out a few hours before. Kim says her daughter, 21-year-old Jana John had been dating 22-year-old James Jordan only two days when his jealous ex-girlfriend drove up to the house with their 8-month-old child.

"She was looking around for him," Smith said. "She saw him and Jana hugged up on the porch. That's when it started. My two grandbabies were in there sleeping."

A fight broke out, punches were thrown. Kim had a bad feeling about it and got Jana's children out of the house, Leaving behind Jana, James, and Kim's other son, 22-year-old Jalen.

"My whole intention was to go back and get them," Smith said. "I was just so tired from being up early that morning taking care of things, that I took a shower, laid down and fell asleep. And then I got the call."

Two people are now in custody for the firebombing, a man and women, waiting to be arraigned. Kim believes there are more people out there who took part.

"I pray to God, Lord almighty that they do every bit of time and they never get to be happy again in their life," Smith said. "Because they took my happiness away."

Without insurance, Kim is left supporting Jana's kids, and others in a small motel room.

GoFundMe accounts have been set up for the families of James  and for Jana and Jalen: