Fire officials say fireworks to blame for DeKalb County apartment fire

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Fireworks landing on pine straw is being blamed for sparking a fire at a DeKalb County apartment complex Thursday evening.

The fire damaged a nearby tree and the side of the Life at Peppertree Apartment Building located at 3011 Peppertree Circle off Columbia Drive near Flat Shoals Parkway.

A woman who lives at the apartments told FOX 5 News when she got home from work, she thought someone had broken into her home.

“When I see that the door is kicked in and there's like wood, I had thought someone robbed me,” resident Chelsea Brown explained. “And then to my surprise, I see that my room is completely destroyed due to a fire.”

Brown claims no one told her the fire had happened.

She said there's smoke residue all over her bedroom walls, but she's thankful that the fire did not damage any of her personal property.

Officials said there were no injuries.