Females and firearms: The Well-Armed Woman

Once a month a few dozen women pack up their guns and meet at Stoddard's Gun Range in Douglas County. They are members of The Well-Armed Woman. They shoot and learn from each other about guns and safety.

“With women training other women, they get an idea of what their needs are instead of being handed a gun that's too big for them, that might be their husband's gun,” said group leader, Kim Grubb.

Some of the women had never even held a gun before joining the group. But they said through the other women and practicing at the range, they now have more confidence to carry.

Ann Peeples said she knew how to shoot a rifle, but had never shot a pistol before joining.

“I needed to know how to shoot a pistol. Our society is changing, I needed to learn how to protect myself and my family,” said Peeples.

All the women said they've heard too many stories about women getting robbed or assaulted and they knew they had to learn how to protect themselves.

“I needed to be prepared. People get abducted and I'm not going to be one of them'” said Vicki Averett.

The Well-Armed Woman is a national group, with 200 chapters. Members of the Douglas County chapter meet on the third Wednesday of the month.

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