Female joggers chased off Atlanta trail by man

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There's a new warning for joggers on the Freedom Park trail in Atlanta after two women faced terror on the trail.

Usually people jog on Freedom Park trail for the exercise but according to Atlanta Police two woman last Friday morning ended up running off the trail for their safety.

The APD incident report says they ran to the front of the Willoughby building a couple blocks away from Freedom Park Trail to report to police that they were being chased by a man.

KrisAnn Johnson told FOX 5's George Franco it’s important to stay safe.

“I think women when they go out, I think one, they shouldn’t be by themselves and if they are, you know, take your protection,” Johnson said.

She said her protection includes a large walking stick she always carries and buddying up with a friend on the trail.

Atlanta police told FOX 5 by the time they responded to the area, near the historic Fourth Ward Skate Park and the Atlanta BeltLine , the person who had chased the women could not be found.

APD said their Path Force Officers who patrol the BeltLine and Freedom Park Trial on bikes have been alerted of the mysterious offender and are keeping an eye out for him. 

“It’s a trail so I think they should get their exercise as well and they should ride their bikes and they should walk. I think they should patrol,”’said Johnson.

Lauren Cunningham, who was walking on the BeltLine, said it’s better for APD to err on the side of caution with a proactive approach to find the potentially dangerous stranger then to have something tragic occur.

She notes the two women who were chased by the man appeared to have done all the right things anyway.  

“In their case they did exactly what I would do. Always run with a person as well,” said Cunningham.

Atlanta Police said they do not know what motivated the man to reportedly chase the women.

APD did not have a description of the individual.