FEMA staffers leave Atlanta for U.S. Virgin Islands

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FEMA announced seven million meals and four million liters of water are en route to the island.

FEMA staff from all over the nation gathered here in Atlanta Wednesday morning. They are headed to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The group is taking as many supplies as possible.

FEMA staffers said they will not know exactly what needs to be done until they see the damage in person.

“We're not exactly sure what our mission will be when we get on ground, but we will find out more when we get there,” one FEMA staffer said.

“It's bad. Everybody needs our help. That's all. So, we’re getting out of here to help them,” another staffer said.

FOX News is reported that Maria has regained strength and is now upgraded to a category one hurricane.

Maria was downgraded to a tropical storm Tuesday.