Felony Lane Gang suspect identified; manhunt continues

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A big break in the multi-jurisdictional manhunt for a reported member of the Felony Lane Gang out of Florida who police said has been targeting cars in metro Atlanta, most recently in Senoia.

Sarah Cleary, who is believed to be from the Boynton Beach area of Florida, has been caught on camera breaking into cars, stealing credit cards and identification, and then dressing like her victims to cash checks and use those cards.

Senoia Police released surveillance video of a break-in near the post office where a woman’s purse was stolen as well as a video a short time later of the woman police said is Cleary using the stolen credit cards. This is a classic example of how the Felony Lane Gang works, according to police.

Cleary is accused of committing similar crimes all over metro Atlanta including a break-in in Floyd County in May 2018.

There was a police task force looking to identify her. Cobb County Police broke the case open with a positive identification.

Along with Senoia there a number of jurisdictions in Atlanta with warrants for her arrest. Anyone who sees her or knows her whereabouts is asked to call the police.