FDA issues warning about dangers of imported hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is a part of everyday life now. It’s in the car, in your purse, on counters, in elevators. But before you mindlessly use them, the FDA warns that hand sanitizers imported from Mexico. 

The agency reports that in a sample test of the alcohol-based products that 84 percent were not in compliance with safety regulations. 

Out of 112 samples, 94 of them were not compliant. In 74 of the hand-sanitizing products, researchers detected methanol at dangerous levels. Methanol is a potentially toxic wood alcohol when it’s absorbed into the skin.

The US FDA posts on its website that there are 20 deaths associated with hand sanitizers and 16 of them involved methanol poisoning. Methanol is not listed as an ingredient. The symptoms of exposure range from headaches, vomiting, blindness, seizures, and, as we said, death. 

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A big concern is that children may accidentally ingest these. So whatever you’re using, keep it out of the reach of children.  

Government inspectors are trying to catch these products at the border before they end up on shelves. And, some manufacturers have recalled the products, but some may still be on shelves, particularly in places like flea markets. 

You can read the full FDA list of hand sanitizers consumers should not use here.

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