FBI training exercise simulates nightclub shooting

Members of the Houston Police Department SWAT unit train alongside other emergency medical technicians from throughout the U.S. during an active shooter simulation. During the session on the fifth floor of the Houston Methodist Research Center, EMT staff learned how to treat victims with a simulated active shooter scenario.

The training took place in the hallways and classrooms of the research center. The simulated scene was eerily familiar -- a nightclub where multiple casualties were reported and time is limited.

“It’s been very emotional for everyone here,” said Houston Methodist operational manager Angela Mitchell.

Members of the Houston Police Department dressed in fatigues and were responsible for clearing a safe path for the men and women in blue scrubs. They were the EMT group in charge of saving lives.

“What we are trying to get across to our operators and medics is to get everyone out," said FBI instructor Michael Biamonte. "In a mass casualty event, it’s all about time and numbers.” 

With the Orlando mass shooting heavy on the mind, officials say it’s time for the public to start thinking about what they would do, if in the presence of an active shooter.

“What would I do, what can I do?," said FBI public affairs specialist Christina Garza. "What we shouldn’t do."