Fayetteville offering amnesty for outstanding traffic tickets

The City of Fayetteville Municipal Court announced Tuesday it's launching an amnesty program for individuals facing arest and other penalties due to delinquent traffic tickets, city ordinance or misdemeanor violations. 

The amnesty program will waive contempt fees for failure-to-appear starting April 5 through April 9. 

The program is available to individuals with citations issued before Jan. 1 and drivers can sign-up on fayetteville-GA.gov/Court, on the phone or in-person to receive a court date to resolve their case. Registration ends March 31.

 The intention of the program is to ensure there are licensed and lawful drivers on city streets while courts deal with a backlog of cases that built up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some outstanding penalties could affect a person's driver's license and render it suspended until the penalty has been processed in court. 

Probation warrants are eligible for the program only if they have a cash bond, the court said Tuesday. If the person is willing to accept, the court will waive warrant fees if the individual contacts probation to schedule the date they will go to court. The person must contact probation by March 31, 2021.

When the amnesty period ends, remaining outstanding warrants will be rigorously enforced.

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