Fayette County educator delivers co-worker's baby on way to school

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Two local educators experienced a delivery like no other after one of them went into labor on the way to school.

Brandi Johnson and Lydia Powell are assistant principals at Fayette County High School. The two were on their way to an administrative meeting Wednesday morning when Johnson started having contractions.

“My contractions were getting closer and closer. I never timed them because it was such a short period of time...” Johnson said. “I said, ‘call my doctor because I’m pushing.’”

Powell jumped into action. She said strangers, including one of her student's parents, helped.

“I got my workout clothes out of my bag, squatted down and told her to turn around. I waved a car down and that was the amazing part. People were on their way to work but everybody stopped,” Powell said.

“This guy says, ‘Hey, you work at Fayette County High. Aren’t you an assistant principal there? My daughter is in the car’....at that point, I’m like, ‘Oh Lord, I got to cover her up!’”

Johnson said her doctor in Atlanta assisted over the phone. However, her husband was on his way to the hospital. But Johnson ended up having the baby on Peters Road in Union City. The baby girl, Skye Blessing Johnson, is healthy.

“She is letting the world know she is going to be a very important person,” Johnson said.