Does God exist? Alabama university to host debate

The debate over a higher power has been around since humans first began to communicate. Faulkner University wants to prove God exists.

The university’s V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies is hosting a debate this month between two heavy hitters for both sides.

The Apologetics Press’ Kyle Butt will debate Michael Shermer of the Skeptics Society and founding publisher of Skeptic magazine over that very question.

This is not the first time both men have tackled this issue.

Butts holds a bachelor's degree from Freed-Hardeman University with a double major in Bible and communication, a master's in New Testament studies, and a master of divinity with a concentration in apologetics. He is well-known for his scripturally sound and scientifically accurate approach to affirming the existence of God.

Shermer earned a bachelor's in psychology from Pepperdine, a master's in experimental psychology from California State University-Fullerton, and a doctorate in the history of science from Claremont Graduate University. He hosts a podcast called "The Michael Shermer Show" and teaches "Skepticism 101" at Chapman University where he is a Presidential Fellow.

The debate is part of this year’s lecture series on the campus with the theme of "Reconnect."

It will be held Wednesday, Oct. 25 from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. in the Tine Davis Gym located on the Faulkner University Montgomery campus located at 5345 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery, Alabama.

Faulkner University is a private, Christian liberal arts university affiliated with the Churches of Christ. It has an enrollment of nearly 4,000 students.

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This story is being reported out of Atlanta