Father of seven killed in 'horrific' car crash, family says

A tragic end for a young Atlanta couple.

Loved ones said they were killed last week in a horrific car crash.

They told FOX 5 their two-month-old daughter miraculously survived.

Enrique Moran's sister said the baby is doing okay but they don't know the long term effects of this devastating crash just yet. Right now, they're taking things day-by-day as they struggle with this sudden loss.

"It's sad," Moran's older sister Tiara White said. "Everybody is just hurt."

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She told FOX 5's Brian Hill that Moran leaves behind seven children to carry on his legacy.

"He was very fun with his kids. He played with them a lot," White said.

The family gathered in Southwest Atlanta Friday during a public viewing to say one of their last goodbyes to the 27-year-old. 

"It was just, I mean, so horrific. I just hate talking about it," Moran's sister said. 

White told FOX 5 her younger brother and his wife were killed in an awful single-car crash.

She said it happened last Wednesday along I-20 near Holmes Drive.

"Someone, kind of, moved over into their lane. He tried to move over and he moved over a little too far and hit the guardrail. They flipped 94 feet into the woods and it hit a tree," White said.

Amazingly, their two-month-old daughter made it out alive but her recovery could take time.

'She has a cracked skull. Her skull was cracked in two places and she was hemorrhaging from the inside," White explained.

The family shared a video of the baby in the hospital with FOX 5.

"She's a survivor, yes she is," Moran's mother could be heard saying.

She told us a cousin was also in the car.

The family says they still have many questions about this tragic end for two young lives.

"I pray a lot and I just meditate," White told us.

Other details surrounding the crash were not immediately made available. 

They’re now raising money to help Moran’s children. If you would like to donate, click here.

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