Fans visit new OutKast mural in Little Five Points

They have always been larger-than-life figures in Atlanta, but now OutKast has a mural to prove it.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi now grace the back wall of a business in Little Five Points. The painting was completed Sunday as part of Atlanta's Outer Space Project, a public art series.  

"I love art.  Art makes me happy to say the least," said Ashli Fletcher.  "My goodness, they're icons.  I love it."  

Many found out about the mural through social media and stopped by Monday to snap pictures with the hip-hop duo.

"I mean, their music is like the soundtrack to my life," said Will Ficklin.  

Visitors were blown away by the mural's incredible detail.

"It's total art," said Darrin Raymond, who was visiting from Texas.  "They captured everything.  I'm talking about look underneath his eyes--you see the discoloration underneath the left eye?"  

Fans of music and art hope the mural will stay up permanently.  

 "It's a nice touch for the city.  I'm glad the city lets murals live here," said George Foster.  

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