Family's possessions, including baby's ashes, stolen

A family had packed up all their belongings for a move to a new home. They stopped at the LaQuinta in Covington off Interstate 20 for the night. While they were asleep, thieves stole their U-Haul.

"All our possessions, our house basically was gone," said Ben Benton.

Among their possessions, an urn that contained the ashes of their baby boy, Wyatt.

"He spent five months fighting for his life. At six months old he passed away," said Cassandra Benton.

Along with the ashes, the few mementos from Wyatt's short life, handprints on a canvas, and a key that Cassandra often wore because she said her baby boy was the key to her heart.

"We lost him, it is like losing him all over again," did Cassandra Benton.

Covington police said at least three people were involved in stealing the trailer. Surveillance video shows a dark SUV and a gray compact car pull up next to it on the side of the hotel at 1:24 Wednesday morning. Moments earlier police said a man, wearing a gray hoodie, got out of the SUV.

"The male walked up the street and walked around the parking lot to evade cameras," said Sgt. Allan Seebaran.

Police said the man broke into the U-Haul and drove off, the SUV followed.

The U-Haul truck is 26 feet long with a British Columbia mural on the side.  

Police said the loss for the Benton family is heartbreaking.

"Whatever we can do to help them recover the remains and reunite them, we will do," said Sgt. Seebaran.

The Bentons said while they'd like all their possessions back, it's Wyatt's ashes that they really want.

"We of course are grateful our family is okay, but he was a big part of our lives," said Cassandra.

Covington police say the van was found abandoned in Forest Park. It is unknown if the ashes are inside.

Covington Police Department

If you have any information about the theft or possible suspects, please give the Covington Police Department a call.

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