Family tries to keep cold case alive

A DeKalb County mother said she won’t give up the search for her son's killer. Eleven years ago, someone shot and killed Damon Bell and with no leads, the case has gone cold.

Monday, his family released balloons in his memory. His family said he was actually shot in his car, but he ran to a nearby neighborhood, they believe, to try to get help, but he never made it to someone's front door. Instead, the following morning, a homeowner found him dead in the front yard.

“No one deserves to pass in such a violent way,” said Damesse Bell, whose brother was murdered in 2006.

There’s not a day that goes by, Damesse said she doesn't think about her brother. Damon was 29 years old when he was shot and killed. And even though 11 years have passed, there are still no answers.

“He had his wallet on him, he had the few dollars he had still in his wallet. His keys were still there on the scene in the car. We just don't know,” said Damesse Bell.

DeKalb County police said they have no leads to go on, but Damon’s mother, Gwen Bell isn't giving up.

“I believe someone knows what happened. I just believe one day we're going to find out,” said Gwen Bell.

Gwen Bell is making sure her son is not forgotten. Monday she released balloons in Damon's honor, hoping by keeping his name out there, one day someone will come forward.

“If anyone knows anything, any little info that they know that would help us be able to close this case so our family can have closure,” said Gwen Bell.

The Bells said they have forgiven whoever took Damon's life and Damesse has one simple message.

“I would just say come forward,” said Damesse Bell.

Anyone with information on Damon Bell’s murder can call DeKalb County police.

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