Family seeking answers about teen found shot in head

A Gwinnett County family is seeking answers about their teen son who was found shot in the head. Ivan Nava is in a metro area hospital where doctors have been treating critical injuries from the gun blast. 

A friend and mentor said just two days before his eighteenth birthday, Nava went to Dekalb County to have a night out with friends. Something happened along the snapfinger road section of Dekalb County. That is where Nava's car was located. He was inside with a bullet to the heaId. 

DeKalb police report some young people flagged down passersby for help, but ran off quickly. Tenita Thomas, a mentor to Nava, says she is assisting the parents who speak no english. 

"I am here everyday at the hospital with them," Thomas said, "They need answers."

A spokesperson for DeKalb police say whatever wrongdoing took place that evening, Nava was the victim. The investigation is ongoing.